Intel introduces Project Alloy VR/AR headsets in CES 2017


Technology giant Intel has taken a step forward in the new world of virtual reality. In the recent CES 2017, the company has revealed their latest project on mixed reality headset. Termed as ‘Alloy’, this headset would be able to give you an all-round experience of AR/VR in just one device. This headset along with the reference platform will be a reality by Q4 of 2017.

Intel has revealed that they are ready to partner with major OEMs. Any manufacturer ready to manufacture their project Alloy headset can collaborate with Intel as they aspire to keep it an open platform. Also in CES, The company has demonstrated the hardware with the multitude of uses it has in different platforms. That means that the hardware will be compatible with their own platform as well as other major players like Rift and Vive.

Project Alloy demonstration by Intel in CES 2017

250 Oculus rift stations were installed at Intel’s press conference. This was to demonstrate the experiences Intel is looking forward to give to its users. Some of the stuff that the users got to experience were a live sports streaming in stereo 360 by Voke. Voke was acquired by Intel in 2016 and it seems like the company will put it into a good use. A volumetric 360 degree recordings of a waterfall was also shown where user could move around it. A screening of Arizona Sunshine (2016) and a real time inspection of solar panels were also in the list.

Intel confirmed that the Voke live VR video streaming platform will see its release in Rift and Vive later this year. Voke is already present in Gear VR as of now. The highlight of the press conference was the demonstration of a multiplayer gaming session. This game amalgamated the best of AR and VR. With motion controls and scanning real life landscapes to mold a virtual environment, the company demo-ed the power of Project Alloy. The concept of ‘merged reality’ was extremely interesting to see. It is now time to wait till we get this into our hands and experience merged reality ourselves.


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