Intel stops the sale of RealSense Smartphone


Last year, Intel’s RealSense 3D Camera was one of the biggest sensations in the field of development.  Robots and Drones were used to implement this technology aided by the company’s prototype smartphone. The Company’s Prototype Smartphone was sold for $399 from January. A software kit came along with the phone to help developers build apps using RealSense and Google’s Project Tango. The release of  Pokemon Go has stolen the thunder of RealSense Smartphone after its massive success.

RealSenseCamera (1)

Intel’s RealSense Developer Kit

Intel stops the sale of their Project Tango based Smartphone

After the downfall in the market, Intel has completely stopped the sale of RealSense Smart Phone. However, the company is considering other plans to tackle Mobile AR and VR. The RealSense smartphone was a reference and device and was least expected to go on sale. It did help a lot of developers to explore the use of a 3D camera on handsets. This is also a setback for Google as it loses one of its hardware platforms to implement their Project Tango. The company has also backed out from the DayDream Project.

Similar to Microsoft’s Kinect, RealSense phone could map surroundings in 3D and recognize objects as well. All this was possible with its sensors and camera built with 2560×1440 resolution.  Here’s a video that gives you an insight into RealSense –

RealSense continues to be Intel’s center of strategy. SanFranciso will witness the company’s plans for AR smart glasses next month.  Intel’s smart glasses will be developed with low power chipset. With the company backing out from the competition, there are more chances of Lenovo winning it. Lenovo’s PHAB2 PRO is all set to go on sale in the next few months. 3D games are a plus point for Lenovo.

Keep reading this space to know Intel’s next move its future plans and ideas of using RealSense through other mediums like PC’s and Tablets.


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