KwikVR is the latest to join Wireless VR league


Scalable Graphics are all set to launch their new wireless PC VR solution in the CES convention. The cloud computer specialists are taking a notch up in wireless VR solutions which are becoming ubiquitous slowly. Dubbed KwikVR, this will be compatible to both Oculus Rift and HTC Vive VR headsets.

What is wireless VR?

Wireless VR bridges the gap between our obsolete hardware and the newer VR software. Until the market is not flooded with VR-optimised devices, wireless VR could come to rescue. As the name suggests, wireless VR removes the bothering cord between your PC and your headset. So in this way you can seamlessly experience VR without hindrance.

About KwikVR and its specifications

QuarkVR, Nitero, TPCast and IMR are companies already introducing slew of bridge-burninng products between VR and PC hardware. Scalable Graphics are the latest to introduce a wireless transmission and copression system with KwikVR. It consists of a receiver unit mounted on a belt.  You will be plugging the cables normally plugged into PC in this KwikVR’s equivalent ports. It consists of a HDMI and 2 USB ports. So your compressed VR videos will be transferred wirelessly into that unit which will be transmitted via HDMI cable to your headset.

As for the specifications, it works over common or garden 5GHz Wifi (ac) connection. That means it can work with your commonly installed 5GHz network hardware. And for those not equipped with it, the receiver unit will be pre-equipped with a Wi-fi router. You will also get a HDMI dongle for the back of your PC to ensure uniformity across all platforms.

The only issue with KwikVR could be at the compression stage. It is to be seen whether the image or video quality will be compromised during streaming. Furthermore, it is powered by 16100 mAh battery which could run for 4 hours without charge.

Wireless VR is not lacking competition. With IMS, TPCast already in with their wireless VR sets, it is to be seen how KwikVR pits against them on various factors. More the merrier, because this means that technlogy that looked beyond our realms are now becoming a reality thanks to these pioneers.


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