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Since recently, Affinity VR has been the latest AR / VR community and is one among the top. This startup has been developing content that has been helping a number of AR / VR enthusiasts WorldWide. The top AR / VR content in India is by Affinity VR. The company has also been approached by a number of other companies with their content and products related to AR / VR. Now, Affinity VR plans to expand this community by going live. All the other startups out there can now give talks and endorse their products as well at a 3000 sq ft area in the heart of Hyderabad very soon. This event is also expected to take place in other cities like Pune and Bengaluru as well. Moreover, a lot of seminars and workshops will be conducted to build a bigger community which is very useful for students and enthusiasts.

Affinity VR to build a Bigger and a Stronger AR / VR Community

Soon before all the events and meetups begin, Affinity VR wants to expand its community. Therefore, the company welcomes startups across the globe to join them. In order to bring VR mainstream, a number of such events are happening worldwide like the Vision AR/VR Summit. The first Vision AR/VR summit in North America was a grand success and the second one is scheduled on May 1st and 2nd this year. Around 1200 founders, artists, programmers, developers, writers, and publishers are expected to the gather at this 2-day summit. Affinity VR plans to host such an event in India as well to bring VR into the mainstream. The event will be less of a summit and more like an open house event which will welcome all.

you can experience the state of the art VR gadgets like Oculus Rift, and also explore the world of Augmented reality with microsoft hololens, in the heart of hyderabad city.

Affinity VR would like to tag along with many other startups working on AR/VR or any AI products and content as well. Hence, Affinity VR calls out to all the startups out there to build a strong and a bigger AR/VR Community. This is also a great opportunity for students to attend hands-on workshops. Moreover, students themselves can be a part of this community to develop and learn as well.

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