Lowe’s Vision with AR and VR for Faster Future.


Lowe’s! Yes you heard right, A chain of retail home improvement and appliance stores in the United States, Canada, and Mexico has something interesting in minds. Lowe’s Innovation Labs, the R&D section of Lowe’s stores is developing new smart and innovative way to explore the home appliances using AR and VR technology. People here at lowe’s are very innovative and productive and showed how we can use VR technology to train ourselves. How to use AR technology for live in-store navigation or how to find the perfect fit recliner for your living room, well people at lowe’s are working on it.

Use of AR Technology

For the past two years, Lowe’s has been developing visualization capabilities using augmented and virtual reality tools. Lowe’s partnered with Google and Lenovo to develop their first ever app that uses augmented technology. Using this brilliant piece of technology Lowe’s developed apps like In-app Navigation and Lowe’s Vision.

  • In-store Navigation

Lowe’s Innovation Labs is using augmented reality to transform the in-store shopping experience. In-Store Navigation is an app that makes it more efficient fun way to find products in-store. With any Tango-enabled device, which uses computer vision to detect position in the real-world, a customer can follow turn-by-turn digital directions that appear before them to pick up every product at selected Lowe’s stores. In-Store Navigation is currently available at two stores, Sunnyvale, CA and Lynwood, WA. Customers who don’t own a Tango-enabled device are able to demo the application with a store associate during the purchase.Check out the demo video below:


  • Lowe’s Vision

Lowe’s Vision is an AR based app enables customers to easily measure any room in their home and style it with real Lowe’s products through augmented reality. This is a big step forward into vision for how customers will use these technologies to design, build and enjoy their homes, from the comfort of home. Lowe’s carries the Phab 2 Pro online and in select stores.Check out the demo video below: 


Use of VR Technology for Holoroom How-to Training

Holoroom How-to is one the apps that makes VR technology both fun and productive, you heard it right! It is first-ever virtual reality DIY skills-training clinic. With Holoroom How To, customers can learn basic DIY skills, including supplies needed and steps to completion in a fun, interactive VR environment. With our first module, customers can learn how to tile a shower in a fully-immersive environment, using the HTC Vive. Holoroom How To is currently available in one store in Framingham, MA, and is coming soon to two stores in Canada. It will be very interesting to see the future through such innovative apps. Check out the demo video below:

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