Microsoft aims at Dominating the world of Virtual Reality


As we all know, Microsoft’s Surface Computer has been creating a lot of buzz since its show last Wednesday. But, according to Mircosoft, it didn’t get as much attention as expected even with amazing features. Hence, Microsoft has decided to expand its plans for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality as well.

Microsoft Surface Studio

Microsoft to dominate VR and AR world

According to recent reports, Microsoft has planned to launch a free update to Windows 10 next year. This update is called the ‘Creators Update’. Furthermore, the update will include a new feature that lets you plug a VR Headset directly into your PC. Starting from $299, these headsets are built by other Laptop makers like Dell, Lenovo, and Asus too. Apart from being affordable, these headsets have most of the features that are included in high-end headsets like HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and many others. Without any external camera to track, these headsets provide a free range of motion.

Mircosoft’s head of Hololens, Alex Kipman expressed that these VR headsets are “Most impressive and powerful headsets at the most affordable price.” While these headsets may not be as good as high-end Vr headsets in terms of display, they will be immediately accessible in the coming days being more compatible. Currently, Oculus Rift and Vive need PC’s costing more than $1000 at least. Meanwhile, VR headsets by Windows 10  can run on PC’s costing around $500 too. Also, any PC that supports Windows 10 can be used to connect these VR headsets which is a major advantage.


In terms of tracking, Microsoft lets its VR headsets utilize built-in tracking which is found in Hololens. This system lets you move around freely and scan your surroundings as well. Without any external accessories, Windows 10 VR headsets can help you experience Virtual Reality. Therefore, we can conclude that these will be the easiest way to experience VR. Keep reading this space to stay updated about Microsoft’s next move. Meanwhile, you can also read about Top VR Gadgets in 2016.



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