Netflix VR to debut in Google Daydream


TV series have become a favorite pastime for all of us. The catch is most of us won’t tune in TV for viewing the series. Smartphone, PCs and laptop are ironically the popular places to watch a TV series. And the most popular place to watch one, is none other than Netflix. The ‘Netflix and chill’ phrase isn’t a cult for no reason among the youth.

When Netflix and VR comes together, it could be the best combination ever. Imagine seeing your favorite fantasy thriller on VR? All the visuals you admired from afar is now surrounding you. With immersive experience and 360 degree view, you will feel as a part of the ongoing scene in the a episode.

Keeping this in mind, Netflix launched its app on Google Daydream headset. So now it will be available in Daydream view, and you can watch all the favorite TV series and movies in your headset. While viewing Netflix via Google Daydream, you will be taken into a virtual room with a big TV screen installed. There you will be able to view your TV series. Even if there has been no mention of Netflix rolling out exclusive VR content soon, but we can surely cross our fingers for the same.

Google Daydream has also introduced multiple channel apps such as HBO GO and HBO NOW. Right now only 2D content is available in the apps. But HBO reps have confirmed rolling out VR content for VR headsets soon. With mobile VR’s becoming popular, it is not long before we will see a lot more jumping the wagon. The best part about mobile VR is the lack of separate controller. The hassles with wires are also absent which makes it poised for more popularity than anything else this year. And we can’t wait to see our favorite Game of Thrones coming up in VR soon!


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