Neurowave can help with your VR motion sickness


VR is one of the most technically advanced and interesting concept till date. But sometimes, the immersive experience and 360 degree view could be a nuisance. People who suffer from motion sickness have apparently felt sick using VR. And this is a very pertinent cause among many who finds VR unnerving. For getting rid of the sickness, a special band called Neurowave is there to your rescue.

Neurowave: The new Reliefband

Reliefband is an innovative band which promises drug-free relief from nausea and vomiting. It is basically a wrist worn Neurowave wearable can be used for any kind of motion sickness: be it from amusement park rides or VR.

This is clinically proven, FDA approved device which has an innovative way of working. It uses pulses and highly specific waveforms with set frequencies and intensity. This is passed to the median nerve which is found at the underside of our wrist.This technique called ‘neuromodulation’ uses natural neural pathways to stop the retching produced by signals from the stomach.

This is the second edition of the company’s Neurowave. There has been obvious tweaks in it too. Rather than five, there are 10 settings which can be controlled by two physical buttons. A display is added and the new hypoallergenic 316 surgical steel contact improves the transmission of the neuromodulation.

This is a great add-on to all those who want to enjoy VR sickness-free. New innovations like these always have a place, and its use while enjoying VR is maybe unusual but fruitful. The idea of popping a pill while watching your favorite match’s live VR streaming is bad. So get on your headset, wear this wristband. And enjoy the VR experience like never before. The Neurowave is going to be available to buy for $150, and is set to release on 2017 Q2. This isn’t a pricey investment, so get ready to grab your Neurowave band as soon as possible!


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