Onward’s solo developer joins Valve for a while


Gaming giant Valve has recently took a long stride to capture the VR market. Dante Buckley who is the lone developer of hugely popular game Onward has been invited to continue development under Valve for the time being.

About Onward

Onward is a VR exclusive online military simulator which shattered the limits of VR gaming. Buckley unleashed the potential of first person shooter genre which is considerably difficult but popular among the masses.  FPS games were till now limited to PC and consoles, but with VR it has massive market thanks to the close-to-reality experience. You could move around  with its 360 degree viewing capability. Or you could be the game character itself with its immersive experience. FPS naturally comes first in mind when  we think of VR games. And military simulator like Onward is is a sureshot success because of the rage of military games in the gaming world.

Buckley declared that he will be joining the Valve office by January on the game’s Steam page. Thanking the community, Buckley assured that Onward are in better hands and will become only better  in 2017. It is ambiguous as to at what capacity is Valve involved in the game development. But it is clear that Buckley will enjoy a host of advanced resources and guidance he may need in the making of better versions.

It is a great news for all the game’s fans out there. They could see an overhaul of their gaming experience in near future. And of course Buckley will be working with the largest VR gaming company on the planet. When a great brain meets great resources, it is bound to be a blast. So now let’s count down on our new year’s resolution before we finally get to play Onward. Oh sorry, the best version of Onward to ever come into existence as of now!



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