B2BVR offers personalized VR goggles for Companies


B2B VR is a European Company that offers personalized VR Goggles for companies as per their requirements. B2BVR stands apart from the crowd of VR companies by the company is given a choice of ordering VR Goggles with their own logo from at least 20 pieces. Furthermore, this latest brand of VR Goggles was founded and is being developed by a team of experts who excel in VR Technology.

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How are B2BVR Goggles unique and better?

  • The Quality of lenses is the key point given immense importance while creating B2BVR goggles. Hence,the users experience the deepest immersion into the world of VR because of the best quality of the lens.
  • The lenses used for VR Googles are created using Field Of View (FOV) . This results in a sharp image on the surface of the lenses.
  • The experience of the user is enhanced with the help of the best Optics utilized.
  • Private logos can be placed in the front area of the goggles which enhances the visibility of the logo and helps the company advertise and succeed.
  • Method of handling- User-Friendly.
  • Beginning with 200 pieces, small business is extended by B2BVR where the logos can be printed and placed on the complete surface of VR Goggles.
  • Ease of handling because of Goggles’ unique shape.
  • Great comfort- easy to hold and carry. Also, a small soft sponge is placed to protect users’ nose.
  • The product is delivered soon as the manufacturing deadlines are short.
  • A special opening on the Goggles that lets the users’ finger touch the screen

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Here’s what the producer of B2BVR has to say, “We opted for this solution because the magnetic buttons work only with certain phones, the capacitive buttons tended to be unreliable while the display of the phone has an additional protective glass. On the other hand, the opening provides compatibility with any phone on the market regardless of the phone model and whether its phone display is secured or not. This ensures a successful advertising campaign without running the risk of having problems with an inoperative key.”

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Cost and Delivery of B2B’s personalized VR Goggles

The price of B2B’s VR Goggles is inclusive of logo printing and offers free shipping. The cost of these goggles is not very high either. Each VR Goggle is placed into A4 envelopes making it handier while all these goggles are placed into boxes.

The users can also purchase special securing holes additionally for adjusting the headband as per flexibility and the user’s comfort. Although there are many VR goggles available in the market, these personalized glasses are more efficient. They are produced with utmost care and high precision.  These goggles are so well designed that the user can actually fold them without any destruction increasing the convenience of usage. B2BVR welcomes all the companies interested in advertising their product through VR Goggles. The company promises to deliver products of highest quality at a low range of prices. Keep reading this space to stay updated.




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