PPTVR to empower VR Content Creation Capabilities


Through the years passing by, we all know that VR is the next big revolution in consumer media. VR offers a potential epitome of content engagement. As a result, it is capable of rich, interactive and completely immersive experience which in turn boosts the users’ engagement to many more levels. Currently, the requirements such as technology hardware, and content needed to experience VR is growing tremendously. The reason for the slow pace of VR content creation rise is the lack of properly curated content. Apart from the 360-degree content, creating any other kind of VR experiences is a tough job using technologies that keep the VR medium on the go. Above average proficiency is required in various fields and tools simultaneously which might consume days of work as well. To create much higher levels of VR experiences a lot of patience is required along with proficiency.

To create much higher levels of VR experiences a lot of patience is required along with proficiency. In order to change the entire scope of VR from a just a gimmick in India to making it mainstream, Shilp Maitri Innovative Solutions(SMIS) has created a unique platform. This platform is PPT-VR ( pptvr.in) which makes VR content creation as simple as a child’s play.

PPTVR- To simplify VR Content Creation

PPTVR is a platform for enthusiasts to empower VR content creation capabilities. The easy and intuitive UI enables the ease to execute projects right from a basic gallery up to fully fledged. Presently in our basic form, PPTVR features 360-degree content along with sharing web links on browsers and android apps as well. This platform is accessible through the web portal for creating and editing projects. Furthermore, the android portal allows the users to browse and discover VR experiences already created. Also, the recently viewed content can be viewed offline later on.

Here’s the first look of PPTVR-

Steps for VR Content Creation through PPTVR

The following is a simple 4 step process, with which anyone can create basic VR experiences within minutes, bridging the gap between the VR technologies and common user-

PPT VR Content Creation

  1. Start a new project using create the new button and fill in the info.
  2. Now select the desired VR environment, choose from over 60 professional, landscapes and abstract VR environments or upload your own 360-degree images or videos. Also, you can use the create menu to add a button, an image, a video or a text.
  3. Link buttons to which scene to jump to in the project making it interactive. Multiple scenes in a project can be interlinked with different scenes having different VR environment.
  4. Share the project via web link which will work on all supported browsers and platforms universally. The project can also be exported as a customized Android app in the form of an APK. Apart from this, the projects can be made public so that all others users on our platform can discover your project and enjoy it over our web service or app.

Through these steps and such a wonderful platform, we can create VR projects with ease. Different kinds of VR content are soon expected through such do-it-yourself VR utilities. The penetration of VR technology is accelerated on an enterprise level and general consumer level as well.


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