Pros and Cons of VR


As VR or Virtual Reality is catching up and fast becoming the latest and the greatest buzzword of the tech industry, we explore how this is going to be a game changer in our lives. Any new disruptive technology has its pros and cons. Let us consider mobile phones, these changed the way we communicate with people at a distant location but at the same time, some people have raised the risk of health hazards due to exposure to microwaves.

Similarly, social networking had its impact on our lives in a big way. It is used by people to rescue during calamities, broadcast news to near and dear ones across the globe, and reunite with a friend long lost. But on the flipside, people are loosing personal contacts, which is having its impact on the society. Let us try to decode the future of VR from a perspective of its impact on our lives. Like always let us start from the good aspects.

Pros and Cons of VR

Positives: Exciting Times Ahead

VR devices like the headset, goggles, or any other common ones, on gaining popularity, would be one of the more personal and non-intrusive gadgets of modern times. It could be one of the most disruptive technologies in the field of social networking by helping people find a common ground across differences in age, culture, and linguistic orientation. People across the globe with common interests would be drawn closer with more personal interactions beyond the geographical boundaries that is already blurring to a considerable extent. VR is all about experiencing and making experiences more and more realistic.

VR, if implemented appropriately could change the whole education sector right from the way rhymes are taught at the pre-schools to the way pilots are trained for real life situations. Some of the benefits of VR in education would be cost effective solutions where an appropriately designed VR solution could be distributed to all the learners to start learning simultaneously without the need of an elaborate infrastructure for training all the students.

Among the other list of benefits of VR in education/training, safety and risk free training would be high in order of precedence. To get trained in a hazardous environment, people need not be exposed to these hazards in reality. The next important advantage of VR in training is the increase in retention power of the candidates. Candidates tend to retain more of the knowledge when taught using VR rather than the plain teacher led methods.

Simulating real life situations for military training and making learning lot more fun and interesting are other major advantages. A lot of research and thesis submission in the field of education can leverage VR as a powerful tool towards attaining their goals.

VR Industry Training

VR   would have a very positive impact in the field of communication and it would impact the way people conduct meetings. This would result in cost optimization for many companies that could have a positive impact on their margins. VR would completely change the way of selling heavy products and machinery. The sales force would start using this innovative technology to demo the product to the clients that would have a better impression and clarity in the minds of potential customers.

VR would be a game changer in the field of tourism where potential visitors could have a very clear picture of the intended place of visit before landing in the actual place and hence avoiding any kind of unnecessary surprises.

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  1. The only issue for this is the title says pros and cons. While I am definitely on the side of incorporating VR into everyday events, you forgot to put down your cons for why it would still be any issue. I would love to know why VR could possibly effect a person in a negative perspective. But overall this was a great pros page and I fully agree with the possibilities and things that are already happening with the VR system!

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