Sensics creates ‘Goggles for Public VR’ for out-of-home users


There is a rise of new VR theme parks and arcades. VR integration in theme parks is an innovative and enjoyable concept. But at the same time, the need of expensive headsets can be a problem too. To resolve that, Sensics, a long time HMD maker is building a new ‘Goggles for Public VR’. This is designed for exclusive outdoor use and out-of-home market.

Unlike the headsets commercially marketed, these are exclusively for multiple uses. Companies can acquire these to use it in entertainment venues, planetoriums or theme parks. The Sensics ‘Goggles for Public VR’ is said to be durable, easy to clean, sturdy and is integrable with other props (such as helmets). It is easy to shift between multiple users, and is firm enough to last longer than an average headset.

Specifications of Sensics’ Goggles for Public VR

Sensics is the co-founder of Razer’s OSVR initiative. So the specifications of these ‘Goggles for Public VR’ are based on OSVR HDK2 headset. The optics with FOV of 100 degrees and the OLED display (2160×1200 @ 90Hz) are other specs to these goggles.

Sensics claimed that its combination of durability and features which makes it so unique. It is easy to repair, modular and built to withstand heavy use. There is also a pair of fans to prevent fogging. And you also get an integrated Leap Motion module built in to do away with the controllers.

These features could help users get used to of the headset faster. Generally controllers will need familiarization of the inputs for the users, but hand-tracking could help in doing away with that. The ease of use will increase, as well as the maintenance because lesser parts mean lesser hard work. Users will find is easy to use and pass on rather than handling pesky controllers. And since Sensics ‘Goggles for Public VR’ is so durable and modular, it will be valuable for businesses looking for long-lasting investment.

Right now Sensics are offering pre-production for these headsets at $2,160 each. The product will soon go for mass production, confirmed the company.


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