Sony’s PlayStation VR: Price, specs and release.


Sony has now confirmed a release date for its VR-based PlayStation filled with a number of new games giving you the best thrills.  It is expected to have a huge user base of tens of millions of console gamers and will soon be popular for being a standalone VR headset in the market. We all have a lot of questions and speculations about it running through our minds so we have tried to answer a few of them.

Specs: PlayStation VR

5.7ins ONS display is placed inside the headset with full HD resolution of 960x1080p per eye. Together a 100-degree view is possible. Compared to Oculus Rift and Vive the resolution provides by Sony is not that great. It can content 120fps(frames per second) because of its frame rate of 120Hz. An extra box has to be attached by users between their consoles and headsets. Rotation of 360 degrees is provided by PlayStation Eye Camera which is responsible for head and motion tracking.

Your location can also be tracked by the headset in physical space. According to a number of reviewers, the headset is expected to succeed in the world of VR devices because of its affordable price although it cannot match the experiences provide by Vive and Rift. The headset is currently codenamed as NEO.

The list of games included in this PlayStation is available here.

Price and Release

October 13th is the release date that has been confirmed by Sony. Initially, the headset will be available at a price of 349 Pounds and is much cheaper than Vive and Rift. The best part about this is that it is accessible with a PS4 code too unlike Rift and Vive that rely on high-end computers. More than 50 compatible games are expected for the launch according to reports by Daily Telegraph.

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