Social media giant Twitter hires VR program head


Twitter is now pushing in for becoming a member of VR camp, after hiring the best brains of the world. This shows that the competition is set to , with another social media giant Facebook already playing with their virtual avatars.

Twitter’s latest hiring spree

Twitter’s VR projects are still secret, but seeing the hiring spree of the VR elites, it seems they are leaving no stones unturned. Greg Gopman, the founder of world-famous AngelHack is the latest to join the team. He is going the head the VR program of Twitter as of now.

Gopman has a phenomenal resume behind him. Other than AngelHack, Gopman worked with UploadVR, a VR news site and organized events in countries like USA and China. This experience comes handy to Twitter, which may want to concentrate on both the technical and application part of its VR program.

This is not the first time Twitter is giving us signals of its upcoming projects. In June, Twitter hired former Apple designer Alessandro Sabatelli. He worked with the AI and machine learning team to develop VR/AR applications.

Social media giant’s tryst with VR

Twitter will continue to hire the industries who’s who of VR/AR. This is a good sign for VR technology, which is needing boost in the market. 2016 has been the slowest for VR development. But Facebook releasing its virtual chat avatars show that VR is picking up.

2017 will be an eventful year if Twitter comes up with its own VR setup/device. Twitter is a hugely popular microblogging site, and adding VR nuances in it could take it to the next level. You will see your favourite celebrity take you through their BTS, or use the products endorsed or launched by companies. Such immersive experience will kill Twitter’s competition and mark its place in the social media circle. Additionally, companies and users will benefit from widespread application of VR and will gravitate more to use social media.


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