Five unexpected places where Virtual reality is used


Virtual reality is rapidly making inroads into a number of industries. Here in this post, we are going to look at some unexpected places where VR has made a mark.


The reason why Military is adopting VR is because it is practically not feasible to create war-like scenarios. The militaries of modern nations are rapidly adopting VR and AR simulations to deal with a variety of scenarios.  Training in a visually immersive environment can really help the soldier to retain what he learns when compared to a more traditional learning environment.

Criminal investigations

Virtual reality can be used to reconstruct crime scenes and can help find the culprits easier. This reconstructed scenario is then uploaded to a big server and the data is thoroughly analyzed. The reconstructed scenarios can then be archived and be used for predicting the types of crimes and the common strategies used. Virtual reality in courtrooms can help make a better case for the client.


Virtual reality can be used in tourism in a number of ways. Viewing remote places, gazing other countries, and exploring important landmarks could all be done without hopping in a car or plane. It doesn’t necessarily spell a doom for the tourism industry. People would still love to visit places in person and can also use VR devices to make an informed decision. VR could be used as a marketing tool for these tourist places.

Psychology and Mental health

This is an interesting field where there is a scope for VR. Virtual reality can help patients communicate their feelings better and can also be used for therapy. Virtual Reality is also used in exposure therapy to cure different types of phobias. Virtual reality is also used as a therapeutic tool to calm the mind.

Automotive car manufacturing

A number of companies have adopted Virtual reality in their production process. The employees can wear a VR headset and inspect the interiors of the car before it is manufactured. The virtual prototype allows designers and engineers from various departments to closely inspect different elements, such as the engine or upholstery, and spot potential problems before they arise.

In conclusion, virtual reality is slowly becoming mainstream and can be used in a medley of unexpected places and can impact the life of the common man.


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