Using React VR to build VR Experiences on the web


In an earlier post, we had read about Facebook Spaces, Facebook’s new VR App. In this article, we shall learn about Facebook’s React VR which was announced about in October 2016. ReactVR has launched at the F8 developer conference. It is an open-source Javascript library which is now launched exclusively for VR enthusiasts. React VR helps the developers create cross-platform WebVR experiences.

Creating VR Experiences with Facebook’s React VR

So Basically, here’s how React VR lets its users create The Web Experiences. It makes use of existing Web Technologies. For Example, WebGL, WebVR are used to enhance the experience and as well interact with the many sensors in them.Moreover, 3D models can also be added. Developers are enabled to combine 360 panoramas along with 2D interfaces, text and also images. Furthermore, anybody with a knack of building React apps can easily build React VR Apps as well. It’s a cakewalk for the enthusiasts comfortable with JavaScript and Web Development. This gives you endless experiences without even downloading any additional data.

React VR

React VR is very similar to React which is a user interface code. It’s the code that empowers websites such as Instagram and Facebook. Without the need of any other software, JavaScript apps can be hosted and accessed on the web. According to reports, VR apps must be rendered at 60 frames which are more than mobile apps. The code of React VR is available on GitHub for VR enthusiasts as an open source. A lot of tools are also available to help developers build VR. “Unity” and “UnReal Engine” are now free and easy to learn as well. Furthermore, a copy of CryEngine or Lumberyard by Amazon can also be accessed without spending any money. Therefore, with all these developments, VR will soon be a part of our lives very soon.

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