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What’s a perfect combination of comfort and thrill? A Virtual Reality Chair. Praevidi has created the World’s first ever VR chair named Turris. SVVR (Silicon Valley Virtual Reality) 2015 Conference witnessed the debut of Turris. The team launched Turris through Turris Kickstarter Campaign. Revolutionary VR Seating and Movement Control was the basis of the campaign. Turris tracks your movement without any cables. Turris can be used to play games without the use of your hands or externals devices except for a VR headset.

Turris- World's first VR chair

How does Turris- VR chair work?

  • Turris has a built-in PC with a rotating seat. Data Connection is possible only because of the built in PC present in it since it does not involve any cords or cables. Hence, Its working is very similar to that of an Xbox Controller 360.
  • Movement depends completely on the direction of the rotation.
  • The bolts which have rubber caps under the seat act as seat’s fulcrums. As a result, bolts can be used to adjust the tilting to initiate movement.
  • 3D printed springboards on the Turris include the switches. Therefore, switches can be used to switch the direction. Running and walking are also controlled by switches.
  • Speed and direction can also be controlled with the gyroscopic-motion-controls.
  • A black and white ring present at the base of the seat tracks the rotational movement.
  • As and when the chair moves, an optical encoder in the free spinning section tracks the  angle and the position.


Furthermore, Turris supports all sorts of VR Gadgets. Meanwhile, Turris Campaign also aims at creating a seat-free solution. Keep reading this space to stay updated about Turris.

Here’s the demo of Turris- The VR chair by Tech Report


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