World’s first VR Camera Satellite to be launched by SpaceVR in 2017


SpaceVR is a virtual space tourism startup that was founded in 2015 by Ryan Holmes. The footage to earth’s orbit is fed through SpaceVR’s technology which makes use of the 360-degree camera to provide the users the experience of being in space. SpaceVR has signed an agreement with NanoRacks, a company that deals with space related technology. NanoRack’s agreement deals with the first virtual reality camera satellite. Both the companies are set to send the first virtual reality camera satellite into space.


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World’s first Virtual Reality Camera Satellite

SpaceVR’s satellite has been named as Overview 1 and is expected to reach International Space Station (ISS) after the SpaceX CRS-12 mission.  First of all, the investment for Overview 1 is from the investment company had received in April this year. SpaceVR’s investment is almost $1.25m. Two cameras will be integrated into a small cube satellite. Furthermore, the Earth will be revolved around by Overview 1 independently. An unprecedented view of space is offered by Overview 1 which was restricted to only astronauts until now.

Earlier, SpaceVR has planned to send around 12 camera rig to ISS capable of covering 3D footage and shoot in 360 degrees also. Overview 1’s investment is because of the funding received by SpaceVR’s earlier campaign.  Here’s what Ryan Holme’s, CEO of  SpaceVR had to say about Overview1 and the company- “We have a radio, we have an attitude control system, we have reaction wheels and gyroscopes that maintain stability, and we have flight controller software that tells the satellite what to do and when.”

Have a look at SpaceVR’s earlier initial project-

Key Features of Overview 1

  1. Twin camera integration.
  2. 4K sensors to provide fully immersive, high-resolution and 360-degree camera.
  3. Availability of viewing on all virtual reality platforms.

Live Streaming will be provided by SpaceVR and the company will have complete control over Overview 1 once ejected by ISS into space. A CubeSat  deployer is being built by NanoRacks. As a result, Overview 1 will be deployed into the lower orbit using the CubeSat Deployer.

Here’s why the 360-degree camera is the new trend.In conclusion, there’s more than just games and movies in the future of VR. Keep reading this space to know more about such innovations in the field of Virtual Reality.



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